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Fashion Production House Berlin is a Berlin based branch of the New York based  Dynalian Inc., tailored to the needs of Berlin's emerging and established fashion designers.

Berlin is a vibrant city of great cultural diversity, teeming with music and film projects, home to artists, writers, builders, business people, politicians, and welcomes  creative and ambitious fashion designers from all over Europe.


Comprehensive service provider  for designers, small labels, and established brands

Development Partner

We will be your technical designer or pattern maker who turns your sketches or ideas into a pattern. We will produce samples to perfect your style.

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Material Partner

We will be your fabric mill, manufacturer or fabric consultant who will help you find your fabric, leather, trims, hardware, etc. which will make up your product.

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Production Partner

We will be doing the actual manufacturing or construction, cut and sew, of your product and produce a finished product.

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